Ailuring, home of the most enticing purebred Oriental cats

Ailuring is a small but serious cattery located near Aalborg, a city in the north of Denmark.

Our main goal is breeding happy and healthy cats and kittens who make great companions, followed by good show type.

Our cattery name comes partly from the Greek prefix ailur-, meaning ‘cat’, and partly from my enchantment with the sheer personality of this captivating breed.

I have been enthusiastically owned by Siamese and Orientals since 1999, became fascinated with feline genetics almost immediately, and have known that I want to breed these charming cats since then. In 2008 I imported my first show-cat from Sweden, and I acquired my first breeding queen in 2011.

I have a particular interest in breeding the exquisite silver tabby Orientals, and aim to improve the ‘classic’ or ‘blotched’ tabby pattern in the breed.

The Ailuring cattery is registered with the Fédération Internationale Féline (FIFe), and our cats are shown mainly through our local Felis Danica club, the Jydsk Racekatteklub (JYRAK).


What could be more alluring than an Oriental cat?