Our 2013 kitten plans

I’m so excited to announce that we should have kittens quite shortly!


We are planning Meeko’s (and Ailuring’s) first litter  for mid-2013. I will update our Kitten Plans page when we have a more definite due date.

We have an extremely handsome, show-stopping classic Oriental stud in mind (again, more details to follow, once we are sure that Meeko is pregnant).


We are hoping for classic (blotched) tabby kittens. Classic tabbies are a beautiful pattern: they look like they have a bullseye painted on each of their flanks. Spotted tabbies (like their mum) are also likely (probably around half of the kittens will have spots instead of a bullseye).

Meeko is homozygous for agouti (which means she has two-out-of-two genes for tabby markings), so all the kittens will have tabby patterns. There will be no solid (or smoke) or Siamese kittens in any of Meeko’s litters.


The kittens in this litter should be a real mix of colours, some with silver and some without. We are expecting mainly black and chocolate kittens, but we may be lucky enough to have some blue or lilac babies too.


If you would like to make an enquiry about this (or any other) litter, please feel free to get in touch with us.

Environmentally friendly

Meeko seems to be fascinated by windmills.

Is it because she knows she’s Danish, do you think, or is it just that almost all cats can’t resist anything that spins?

Even kittens need sleep, sometimes



Because kittens can’t be good all the time, and sometimes they just have to pounce on your head when you’re stuck trying to get out of the cat tunnel and can’t get them back! Poor Moosh. 🙂

Some more photo updates of Meeko

Just a quick update: as you can see, Meeko’s now out and about, having decided that she’s bored of being in the guest room, and is very busy exploring and investigating everything! She does still run back in there when something is a bit too intimidating or it’s nap-time, but she’s not hiding any more, and is slowly but surely taking over the rest of the house too.

The best of friends

Do you have to?

Do you have to?

Like us, Mushu’s been persuaded by Meeko’s very extensive charms. She’s not always thrilled with the result though, and pulls the funniest faces when he’s insisting on cleaning her ears. Good little kittens have to do what they’re told, though.

It’s very sweet! 😀

Introducing Meeko

And here she is, finally!

This charming little cat is Meeko, and, as you can see, she’s settled in beautifully.

The very next morning after my last post, she decided to come out for her first tickles, and has been purring, rubbing and head-butting us non-stop since then!

She is such a sweet, affectionate kitten. She’s eating like a horse, and has met Mushu and she’s decided that she loves him. He’s a little bit less sure of her, though, and wants to play a bit too roughly with her, so we’re still keeping them apart most of the time and doing ‘supervised visits’ and games.

Meeko’s also recently decided that she doesn’t like her carrier or cat beds, and tucks herself up with a heat-pad in my husband’s underwear drawer when she’s had enough playing for a while. It’s very sweet to open the drawer and see a yawning kitten curled up at the back.

She talks continuously, and is generally making her mark on our home, so I think it’ll be no time at all until she decides she owns everyone and everything here. 🙂

The name ‘Meeko’ comes from the raccoon character in the Disney movie Pocahontas. Like him, she is very chatty and mischievous, and has a fluffy tail covered in black and white rings, especially when she gets excited and tears around like a mad thing. Kittens, gotta love ’em! Because of all the talking Meeko does, we’ve already changed her very ‘dignified’ name into an affectionate ‘Meeky-squeaky’ sometimes!

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