We’re getting an Oriental kitten!

We’ve been planning to start our silver classic Oriental breeding programme for a loooooooong time, and have been looking for just the right girl to come and join us. We’ve found her! This pretty little thing will be joining our household shortly, and here is our first look at this lovely kitten: pictures from her breeder.

Her official name is Winnetou’s Silver Snow Flake, and her breeder is currently calling her “Mause”. I think it’s very cute to call a cat Mause, but maybe it’s not quite dignified a name enough for the foundation queen of our cattery, so now the two of us are  ‘in negotiations’ with one another to decide her forever name.

We are very excited to have found her. I’ve been looking for a silver queen for many years to begin my cattery (I adore the silver classic tabbies), and this pretty little girl cat is a spotted tabby, but she’s carrying classic so will be able to have classic tabby kittens.

As soon as Mause arrives, I know me, and I’m sure that I will inundate this blog  with all her photo updates, so check in again soon! 😉 We can’t wait until she arrives!

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