Spring has sprung

It’s still a bit nippy outside, but the cats are taking full advantage of our first warmish day this year and have spent the afternoon sunning themselves out on the balcony.

It looks very relaxing, but it’s not warm enough for me to join them yet.

Think, think think!

Contemplative cat

I caught this lovely shot of Moosh sitting still this morning. He seemed to be very deep in thought, and even me on the floor with my camera didn’t seem to snap him out of his reverie.

I see this serious expression on his face quite often, but can’t usually get in on camera. He usually approaches me straight away for a game when I sit on the floor, so I was very pleased that I managed to snap this picture before he ‘woke up’ and came over purring. 🙂

All mine!

Mushu and Meeko love sleeping in a hug. It’s the cutest thing!

All mine

We has a hug


Even kittens need sleep, sometimes



Because kittens can’t be good all the time, and sometimes they just have to pounce on your head when you’re stuck trying to get out of the cat tunnel and can’t get them back! Poor Moosh. 🙂

Sharing my lap is complicated, apparently

This requires coordination we don't have!

This requires coordination we don’t have!


Our cats are still trying to work it out. 😀

Oh, well. It’s a lazy start to a Sunday morning. They have time to get it right.

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