The dog (cat?) days of summer…

Da Bird!

The most popular cat toy in this house (and in many others, I’m sure) is Da Bird.

It seems simple enough: a few feathers tied to a fishing spinner at the end of some thread on a stick, but, unless you’ve seen it, you probably wouldn’t believe how the cats go ballistic for it! The spinner makes the feathers sound like flapping bird-wings as you pull them through the air, which really seems to trigger the cats’ hunting instincts in a big way. And, of course, this is one bird they don’t get into trouble trying to catch!

Here’s what I managed to get of Mushu’s hunting spree. I really only got the slow ones: he was moving waaaaaaay too fast to take the real flying-through-the-air pictures.

The long days of summer

Tummy sunning

Summer here isn’t usually all that long for a cat whose ancestors are Thai, and Mushu is squeezing all he can from the few warm days out on the balcony. It’s very important to get sun everywhere, it seems, even on one’s tummy. Maybe he’s trying to get a tan?

Do you see what they see?

The cats have been watching with fascination what’s going on next door: do you see what the new neighbours have brought with them?

Has to be the most interesting thing to happen to the cats all week.

As you can see, the rabbit isn’t worried about the two cats at all: she comes right up to the fence and stares straight back at them!

All together now!

Cat art?

Well, they’re posing, anyway. 🙂


Out for a walk

We take Moosh out on his leash for a walk in the grass on warmer days, and today I remembered to bring my camera along.

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