New game – fetch!

Here it is, now throw!

Moosh has taken to retrieving like a dog (not uncommon in Siamese and Oriental cats, who are often called more dog-like than other cats), and it is fast becoming his favourite game. I’m constantly getting toys dropped on my lap or keyboard and being subtly pawed to remind me to keep throwing! I have yet to tire him out before I’ve had enough. Good thing I’m working from home: keeping a Siamese kitten entertained is a full time job!

Mushu still likes to fetch his favourite football, but retrieving paper and sponge balls is quicker because they’re lighter and easier to carry and they bounce around less predictably, so they’re very popular with him too. Here’s his latest offering (or is it demand?)

Do you know a cat who plays fetch?

Hanging out

It’s been a little while and Mushu has been concentrating on important kitten things: eating, sleeping, growing, playing, racing around, fetching toys, talking, investigating and just generally hanging out.

It seems like a really stress-free life, with attention on demand and someone else to take care of your every need. Sometimes I really wish I was a cat!

It’s a very serious business, this shoelace attacking thing

Seems that they need plenty of concentration and lots of claws and teeth to subdue them!

Sleepy kitty

Just look at how darling those little toes are, and how sweet that sleepy kitten is! Is it just me, or is that not the cutest kitten around?

Kitten takeover

Mushu’s invasion is complete!

He has us wrapped around his little toe now. No one will be waking this kitten up to watch TV today! We’re far too taken with watching him sleep anyway, which is probably just as well. 😀

Curious kitten

How cute is this kitten?

No words, just cuteness!



Having decided he’s had enough of being confined to the bedroom, Mushu has emerged into the rest of the house and has claimed ownership of everything, including the brand new cat tree that has spent a couple of weeks waiting for him.

Why do cats like cat trees? I really wish they didn’t, or that cat trees weren’t so ugly! And why are they all made of beige plush, and wrapped sisal? Anyway, as expected, Mushu hasn’t noticed its hideousness and is bouncing up and down it like a mad thing!

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