Introducing Meeko

And here she is, finally!

This charming little cat is Meeko, and, as you can see, she’s settled in beautifully.

The very next morning after my last post, she decided to come out for her first tickles, and has been purring, rubbing and head-butting us non-stop since then!

She is such a sweet, affectionate kitten. She’s eating like a horse, and has met Mushu and she’s decided that she loves him. He’s a little bit less sure of her, though, and wants to play a bit too roughly with her, so we’re still keeping them apart most of the time and doing ‘supervised visits’ and games.

Meeko’s also recently decided that she doesn’t like her carrier or cat beds, and tucks herself up with a heat-pad in my husband’s underwear drawer when she’s had enough playing for a while. It’s very sweet to open the drawer and see a yawning kitten curled up at the back.

She talks continuously, and is generally making her mark on our home, so I think it’ll be no time at all until she decides she owns everyone and everything here. 🙂

The name ‘Meeko’ comes from the raccoon character in the Disney movie Pocahontas. Like him, she is very chatty and mischievous, and has a fluffy tail covered in black and white rings, especially when she gets excited and tears around like a mad thing. Kittens, gotta love ’em! Because of all the talking Meeko does, we’ve already changed her very ‘dignified’ name into an affectionate ‘Meeky-squeaky’ sometimes!

We’re getting a Siamese kitten!

Introducing S*Sandvretens X-Man. Isn’t he sweet?

This little kitten’s pet name will be ‘Mushu’, which comes from the mischievous, fast-talking, quick-thinking, always-in-trouble dragon in the Disney movie Mulan. I can’t think of a more apt name for a Siamese kitten’s personality, an animal who always has his nose in everything (even things he shouldn’t) and chatting up a storm!

Mushu will be coming to us in Denmark from his breeder in Sweden, Lena, in a couple of weeks to be our first show-neuter, but mainly to be a very spoilt pet, and I can’t wait for him to arrive and start causing chaos as only a Siamese or Oriental kitten can! He needs a pet passport and some vaccinations over the next few weeks, and then he’ll be on his way.

Here are pictures we’ve been sent of Moosh to keep us busy until he gets here. I’m so excited! Waiting for a new kitten is torture, don’t you think?