Spring has sprung

It’s still a bit nippy outside, but the cats are taking full advantage of our first warmish day this year and have spent the afternoon sunning themselves out on the balcony.

It looks very relaxing, but it’s not warm enough for me to join them yet.



Our resident huntress, fascinated by a bird on the balcony.

Our little athlete

Meeky has been trying her hands (paws?) at all the toys in the house, and has developed some clear favourites, including trying to catch a ball that spins round and round a blue track and leaping for what we affectionately call her ‘Bug’, a cardboard twist on wire that imitates an insect. Meeko is an extremely active kitten, and always seems to be in mid-air.

Luckily she’s an indoor cat (like all our cats), because otherwise I think that the local wildlife would live in absolute terror!



Because kittens can’t be good all the time, and sometimes they just have to pounce on your head when you’re stuck trying to get out of the cat tunnel and can’t get them back! Poor Moosh. 🙂

Some more photo updates of Meeko

Just a quick update: as you can see, Meeko’s now out and about, having decided that she’s bored of being in the guest room, and is very busy exploring and investigating everything! She does still run back in there when something is a bit too intimidating or it’s nap-time, but she’s not hiding any more, and is slowly but surely taking over the rest of the house too.

We have a little trip planned…

My mom is coming to visit us, and we’re combining her visit with a drive to the south of Denmark  next week to pick up the kitten I introduced in my last post. I don’t know which I’m more excited about!

Mause’s breeder lives in a beautiful touristy town quite near Copenhagen (we’re much further north in the country), so we’re planning to take my mom on a leisurely drive down there and spend a couple of days taking forest walks and enjoying the sea views in the area before we collect our newest family member.

It’s going to be lovely.

The long days of summer

Tummy sunning

Summer here isn’t usually all that long for a cat whose ancestors are Thai, and Mushu is squeezing all he can from the few warm days out on the balcony. It’s very important to get sun everywhere, it seems, even on one’s tummy. Maybe he’s trying to get a tan?

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