Oriental cats hugging

As a breed, Oriental cats (and their pointed Siamese cousins) are quite unique. They are sometimes called the ‘dogs of the cat world’, as many of their personality traits are much more canine than feline!

Although they are extremely loving and loyal cats, this is not a breed to get if you are just looking for a lap cat.

Orientals are playful, active, intelligent cats who need lots of feline (preferably another Oriental or Siamese) and human company, as well of plenty of toys to keep them challenged and occupied. Many Orientals and Siamese cats will happily retrieve a ball for as long as they can find a human to keep throwing it!

Orientals are social and curious cats. They adore people, especially ‘their people’, and are well known for trying to draw you into a long conversation whenever they can (and they do expect you to answer)! An Oriental in your home will want to be with you to see what you are doing, and preferably try to get involved and ‘help’ you, if they can. Everything and everyone new that comes into the house needs to be investigated, inspected and approved.

You must be warned: getting an Oriental will change your life! Once they’ve had the intense relationship that comes with being owned by a Siamese or Oriental cat, most people find it very difficult to go back to having a ‘normal cat’.