Kitten takeover

Mushu’s invasion is complete!

He has us wrapped around his little toe now. No one will be waking this kitten up to watch TV today! We’re far too taken with watching him sleep anyway, which is probably just as well. 😀

Curious kitten

How cute is this kitten?

No words, just cuteness!



Having decided he’s had enough of being confined to the bedroom, Mushu has emerged into the rest of the house and has claimed ownership of everything, including the brand new cat tree that has spent a couple of weeks waiting for him.

Why do cats like cat trees? I really wish they didn’t, or that cat trees weren’t so ugly! And why are they all made of beige plush, and wrapped sisal? Anyway, as expected, Mushu hasn’t noticed its hideousness and is bouncing up and down it like a mad thing!

Settling in and playing around

As promised, here are some more pictures of Moosh, doing what kittens do best: bouncing around!

He’s managed to worm his way into everything in the house, even our bed (much to the surprise of my husband who only ever had outside farm cats when he was growing up), and he’s endlessly entertaining, as only a Siamese kitten can be. 🙂 He’s decided that hos new favourite toy is a little leather football, and it goes everywhere with him, even bed!

Who are you?

Asks our curious new kitten

Who are you? asks our curious new kitten

Beautiful boy

Mushu has arrived!

The wait is over! Mushu is finally here!

We had a bit of a delay with him getting his rabies vaccination so he’s here a couple of weeks later than we’d hoped. I’ll also tell you about the slight hiccup we had with getting him home, but yesterday afternoon the cute, somewhat sleepy Siamese sweetheart in the photo above decided that he would be more than happy to settle in to his new home. So, meet my Moosh. 🙂


We’re getting a Siamese kitten!

Introducing S*Sandvretens X-Man. Isn’t he sweet?

This little kitten’s pet name will be ‘Mushu’, which comes from the mischievous, fast-talking, quick-thinking, always-in-trouble dragon in the Disney movie Mulan. I can’t think of a more apt name for a Siamese kitten’s personality, an animal who always has his nose in everything (even things he shouldn’t) and chatting up a storm!

Mushu will be coming to us in Denmark from his breeder in Sweden, Lena, in a couple of weeks to be our first show-neuter, but mainly to be a very spoilt pet, and I can’t wait for him to arrive and start causing chaos as only a Siamese or Oriental kitten can! He needs a pet passport and some vaccinations over the next few weeks, and then he’ll be on his way.

Here are pictures we’ve been sent of Moosh to keep us busy until he gets here. I’m so excited! Waiting for a new kitten is torture, don’t you think?

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