Two little lions

Two little lions

Environmentally friendly

Meeko seems to be fascinated by windmills.

Is it because she knows she’s Danish, do you think, or is it just that almost all cats can’t resist anything that spins?

Our little athlete

Meeky has been trying her hands (paws?) at all the toys in the house, and has developed some clear favourites, including trying to catch a ball that spins round and round a blue track and leaping for what we affectionately call her ‘Bug’, a cardboard twist on wire that imitates an insect. Meeko is an extremely active kitten, and always seems to be in mid-air.

Luckily she’s an indoor cat (like all our cats), because otherwise I think that the local wildlife would live in absolute terror!

Even kittens need sleep, sometimes



Because kittens can’t be good all the time, and sometimes they just have to pounce on your head when you’re stuck trying to get out of the cat tunnel and can’t get them back! Poor Moosh. 🙂

Some more photo updates of Meeko

Just a quick update: as you can see, Meeko’s now out and about, having decided that she’s bored of being in the guest room, and is very busy exploring and investigating everything! She does still run back in there when something is a bit too intimidating or it’s nap-time, but she’s not hiding any more, and is slowly but surely taking over the rest of the house too.

Sharing my lap is complicated, apparently

This requires coordination we don't have!

This requires coordination we don’t have!


Our cats are still trying to work it out. 😀

Oh, well. It’s a lazy start to a Sunday morning. They have time to get it right.

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