The best of friends

Do you have to?

Do you have to?

Like us, Mushu’s been persuaded by Meeko’s very extensive charms. She’s not always thrilled with the result though, and pulls the funniest faces when he’s insisting on cleaning her ears. Good little kittens have to do what they’re told, though.

It’s very sweet! 😀

Introducing Meeko

And here she is, finally!

This charming little cat is Meeko, and, as you can see, she’s settled in beautifully.

The very next morning after my last post, she decided to come out for her first tickles, and has been purring, rubbing and head-butting us non-stop since then!

She is such a sweet, affectionate kitten. She’s eating like a horse, and has met Mushu and she’s decided that she loves him. He’s a little bit less sure of her, though, and wants to play a bit too roughly with her, so we’re still keeping them apart most of the time and doing ‘supervised visits’ and games.

Meeko’s also recently decided that she doesn’t like her carrier or cat beds, and tucks herself up with a heat-pad in my husband’s underwear drawer when she’s had enough playing for a while. It’s very sweet to open the drawer and see a yawning kitten curled up at the back.

She talks continuously, and is generally making her mark on our home, so I think it’ll be no time at all until she decides she owns everyone and everything here. 🙂

The name ‘Meeko’ comes from the raccoon character in the Disney movie Pocahontas. Like him, she is very chatty and mischievous, and has a fluffy tail covered in black and white rings, especially when she gets excited and tears around like a mad thing. Kittens, gotta love ’em! Because of all the talking Meeko does, we’ve already changed her very ‘dignified’ name into an affectionate ‘Meeky-squeaky’ sometimes!

She’s here!

We had a wonderful vacation, and we’re back home with our new kitten. Our newly renamed Meeko is starting to settle in with my mom in our guest bedroom.

She did cry last night for a bit, which is completely understandable, it being the first time she’s been away from her home and family.

The poor little kitten is still quite shy and doesn’t want any of us to stroke her, but she’s eating and using the litter tray, and we’ve managed to entice her out from her hiding places with a few games with wand toys, so she is coming around slowly. 🙂 We’ll give her all the time she needs.

I’ll take pictures and send post them when Meeko’s feeling a bit more confident.

We have a little trip planned…

My mom is coming to visit us, and we’re combining her visit with a drive to the south of Denmark  next week to pick up the kitten I introduced in my last post. I don’t know which I’m more excited about!

Mause’s breeder lives in a beautiful touristy town quite near Copenhagen (we’re much further north in the country), so we’re planning to take my mom on a leisurely drive down there and spend a couple of days taking forest walks and enjoying the sea views in the area before we collect our newest family member.

It’s going to be lovely.

We’re getting an Oriental kitten!

We’ve been planning to start our silver classic Oriental breeding programme for a loooooooong time, and have been looking for just the right girl to come and join us. We’ve found her! This pretty little thing will be joining our household shortly, and here is our first look at this lovely kitten: pictures from her breeder.

Her official name is Winnetou’s Silver Snow Flake, and her breeder is currently calling her “Mause”. I think it’s very cute to call a cat Mause, but maybe it’s not quite dignified a name enough for the foundation queen of our cattery, so now the two of us are  ‘in negotiations’ with one another to decide her forever name.

We are very excited to have found her. I’ve been looking for a silver queen for many years to begin my cattery (I adore the silver classic tabbies), and this pretty little girl cat is a spotted tabby, but she’s carrying classic so will be able to have classic tabby kittens.

As soon as Mause arrives, I know me, and I’m sure that I will inundate this blog  with all her photo updates, so check in again soon! 😉 We can’t wait until she arrives!

The dog (cat?) days of summer…

Da Bird!

The most popular cat toy in this house (and in many others, I’m sure) is Da Bird.

It seems simple enough: a few feathers tied to a fishing spinner at the end of some thread on a stick, but, unless you’ve seen it, you probably wouldn’t believe how the cats go ballistic for it! The spinner makes the feathers sound like flapping bird-wings as you pull them through the air, which really seems to trigger the cats’ hunting instincts in a big way. And, of course, this is one bird they don’t get into trouble trying to catch!

Here’s what I managed to get of Mushu’s hunting spree. I really only got the slow ones: he was moving waaaaaaay too fast to take the real flying-through-the-air pictures.

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