The long days of summer

Tummy sunning

Summer here isn’t usually all that long for a cat whose ancestors are Thai, and Mushu is squeezing all he can from the few warm days out on the balcony. It’s very important to get sun everywhere, it seems, even on one’s tummy. Maybe he’s trying to get a tan?

Goodbye, Ulala

Sadly (for us, althought understandibly her new mom is ecstatic! 🙂 ), it’s time for Lala to go home.

We’re going to miss her very, very much. She’s really managed to  worm her way into all our affections (and laps, and beds…). Here are some last photos of this lovely lady before she leaves.

I’m sure I’ll see her again and take more photos of her when I go to visit her new mom in the UK in a few months. Byebye, Lala-babes.

White cat, newly-washed black towel

Washing day blues

She looks much more impressed with this combination than I am. Why do cats always do this?

Ooh La, Lala!

Ooh la, Lala

Wash day blues

She’s NOT impressed!

I was napping, now leave!

I was napping, now leave!




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