How to treat a toy squirrel

Do you see what they see?

The cats have been watching with fascination what’s going on next door: do you see what the new neighbours have brought with them?

Has to be the most interesting thing to happen to the cats all week.

As you can see, the rabbit isn’t worried about the two cats at all: she comes right up to the fence and stares straight back at them!

All together now!

Cat art?

Well, they’re posing, anyway. πŸ™‚


Out for a walk

We take Moosh out on his leash for a walk in the grass on warmer days, and today I remembered to bring my camera along.

Harness training and Da Bird!

Ulala has a long road-trip home from Denmark to the UK in a few weeks, so I’ve been getting her used to wearing a harness so that she can move around a bit more on the journey.

She’s quite sure that she doesn’t like the concept though, so I brought out the Da Bird toy because I was pretty sure that that’s one thing she wouldn’t be able to resist.


I was right. πŸ™‚

Siamese in the sunshine

There’s nothing like a few days of good weather to make for a very happy Siamese cat outside on the balcony, is there?

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