• Going to sleep

Moosh is a champion snoozer!

A Lion King moment

Moosh has been practicing being king of all he surveys in his domain today.


Pretty kitty


And out:

I could get lost in her eyes…

Gazing into the deep blue distance

Gazing into the deep blue distance

Another popular cat toy

Lala is putting it through its paces and demonstrating why it’s called the ‘Cat Dancer’.

You looking at me

You looking at me?

Huh? Punk!

Lala really has quite strong objections…

…to having her ears cleaned.

Her expressions say it all!

Mushu is in love!

Look what I just saw

Mushu is head-over-heels! He’s absolutely fascinated by Ulala, and wants to watch everything she does.

She doesn’t really seem to mind: she’s a friendly cat and her only objection seems to be having her ears cleaned.

Putting Mushu in his place

Sometimes, when he’s too enthusiastic or forgets his manners, Lala needs to put him back in his place with a tap of her paw on the top of his head.

She also makes the cutest little huffing noises through her nose to let him know what he’s doing is irritating her. At this rate, she’ll have him trained in no time!

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