Meet Ulala

Now that she’s had time to recover from her very long journey and settle in a bit, it’s time that the two cats got to know one another.

Introductions between Mushu and Ulala have been going extremely well over the last couple of days, and we’ve gotten to the point where they’re testing the waters with interacting with one another, albeit still with some reservations. He is absolutely fascinated with her, though, while she’s mainly interested in finding out where she is and what’s going on. 🙂

Here’s Moosh’s latest sneaky-but-smooth approach while a feather distracts Lala.

Moosh trying to play too


We’re going to have a visitor!

A breeder friend of mine in the UK is importing her new breeding queen from Latvia, but there has been a little hiccup with her paperwork, so she needs to spend a month or so longer on the Continent than expected. So, she will be staying here with us for a little while.

She’s a Seal Tortie-Point Siamese and her name is Alario Ulala. She is really the most charming little girl and I’m very taken with her; she has the softest coat and bluest eyes. I might not let her go home after all! 😉


Who let the cat out of the bag?

  • What do you mean, I don't fit  in the bag

Mushu has been combining his enthusiasms for ignoring his actual toys in favour of freebies, and sunning. The result: snoozing and rolling around in a paper bag from last night’s takeaways. It seems it doesn’t take much to make a cat happy!

Mushu’s first show

Mushu (or Sandvretens X-Man, as they’ve called him for the last two days) went to his first FIFe show this weekend in Hobro.

He did brilliantly: he behaved very well and got his first two CAP certificates, and was awarded Best in Variety on both days over a Siamese cat who was a previous World Winner, so we’re extremely proud of him.

It was a good weekend for us: we had fun and met lots of lovely cat people, but poor Moosh wasn’t so impressed with the process, unfortunately. He really didn’t like being alone in the show-cage and meowed loudly every time I left him alone, so he spent most of the weekend sitting and snoozing in my lap! I think we’ll have to leave showing him for a bit until we have a friend for him to share the cage with.

All you have to do is snooze

  • Snoozing

It’s a cat’s life! Must be nice, don’t you think?

Imaginary monster!


Moosh spotted something scary on the kitchen counter this evening, and his tail got all fluffy about it. 🙂 He knows the rule is that he’s not allowed up on the counters, but I let him see up there this time to investigate and put his mind at ease.

He wasn’t very impressed at finding out that it was just a loaf of bread, see?

We have a ‘Frogodile’!

My grandmother uses the word ‘frogodile’ to jokingingly refer to anything she thinks is ugly or doesn’t like, but (although I couldn’t like Mushu any more than I do if I tried!) I’m afraid I need to co-opt the word for when Moosh looks like this. There just isn’t a better word for it then this, I think. 🙂

As far as I can tell, this is his tummy-warming-up-position: as you can see, he does it on the windowsill over the radiator and on the warm floor in the passage because of the under-floor heating. There’s almost nothing Siamese cats love than finding the cosiest spots to lie! What I want to know is, how are his hip joints so flexible?

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