Champion Winnetou’s Silver Snow Flake

Black Silver Spotted Tabby Oriental (Born: 8 April 2011)

Sire: CH Winnetou’s Silver Spirit of Apache

Dam: Winnetou’s Coco-Chanel

Meeko (who I plan to be my first breeding queen) is a real little darling of a cat. She almost never stops purring and I’m sure that if she could, she would sell her little spotty soul for tickles!

Meeko could retrieve a ball all day if she could just find someone to keep throwing it for her. She is very playful and also has a slightly mischievous streak: she likes to pounce on poor unsuspecting Mushu whenever he least expects it. She is also extremely imaginative and often plays games where she is chased by things only she can see!

Genetic tests and genotype

  • Beautiful girl